Domestic Violence Lawyers in Westfield, Indiana

Although the issue of domestic violence has received significant attention from the media and lawmakers, false allegations to gain an advantage or exact revenge during a break-up, divorce, or child custody dispute are all too common. Even if the domestic violence allegations against you are meritless, they must be taken seriously because charges involving this violent crime can lead to incarceration in jail or prison, fines, and even restraining orders that could restrict your residential and employment options or access to your family home and children.

At Webster & Garino LLC, our domestic violence defense lawyers in Westfield use their experience to expose fabricated claims of family violence, to uncover motives for falsifying allegations, and to obtain the best disposition for clients who commit regrettable mistakes. Every situation is unique, so call to speak with us at (317) 565-1818 or contact us via email. [need to insert email]

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