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Heightened scrutiny on drug offenses has resulted in the devotion of more government funds to law enforcement efforts and the prosecution of drug crimes. This increased enforcement and prosecution of drug offenses has been accompanied by tough sentencing laws, especially for federal drug crimes. Whether you are charged with simple possession, trafficking, manufacturing, delivery, possession with intent to distribute, or drug sales, you can face incarceration and steep fines. Most drug crimes are felonies with sentences that can include lengthy prison terms.

Narcotics Trafficking Lawyers in Indiana

While law enforcement agencies and prosecutors aggressively pursue convictions for drug offenses, our drug crimes defense lawyers at Webster & Garino LLC carefully analyze law enforcement procedures and the government’s evidence to identify substantive and procedural defense strategies. We will explore legal grounds to seek suppression of evidence (e.g. drugs, paraphernalia, incriminating statements) based on an unlawful search or seizure or an illegally obtained incriminating statement. Call us at (317) 565-1818 to set up your initial consultation.

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