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At Webster & Garino LLC we frequently hear from people who have experienced a denial of their job or rental application, certain immigration benefits, or a security clearance because of a criminal record. Whether you were convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, a criminal record can haunt you long after you have fully served the terms and conditions of your sentence. Our attorneys are committed to the principle that people should not have their entire lives derailed by a single mistake. Our expungement attorneys in Westfield have helped many people expunge misdemeanors and certain felony convictions. The requirements for this process include a minimum passage of time, a qualifying criminal offense, and the satisfaction of all terms of probation, among other requirements.

Criminal Record Clearing Attorney in Indiana

If you have a criminal record that continues to derail your life, contact Webster & Garino LLC to determine whether you are eligible to have your criminal record cleared at (317) 565-1818.

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