Felony OWI Defense Lawyers in Westfield Indiana

Although a misdemeanor OWI conviction in Indiana can have serious consequences, felony OWI significantly raises the stakes. A felony charge of operating while intoxicated can result in longer incarceration (6 months to 3 years), a felony record, longer probation terms, and more costly fines. An OWI can be charged as a felony under several circumstances that include:

  • Conviction of OWI with a prior within 5 years (Class D felony)
  • Causing a fatality (Class B or Class C felony)
  • Causing serious bodily injury (Class C or Class D felony)
  • Transporting a child passenger (i.e. under 18) (Class D felony)

Westfield Drunk Driving Felony Defense

If you are facing a felony OWI charge, a conviction could result in years in prison. While the prospect of a felony OWI conviction is a frightening proposition, our experienced felony OWI defense attorneys at Webster & Garino LLC have a proven track record for mounting successful defense strategies in these cases. Our law firm is ready to take your call at (317) 565-1818 or you can contact us by email.

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