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Healthcare Power of Attorneys, HIPAA authorizations, and Durable Power of Attorneys

When parents send their kids off to college, they have so many worries that important paperwork can be overlooked. Three documents that all students headed off to college need are a healthcare power of attorney, a HIPAA authorization, and a durable power of attorney. The healthcare power of attorney can authorize a parent to make medical decisions for a college-aged child who is unconscious. An executed HIPAA document authorizes health care providers to release medical information about an adult child’s medical condition and treatment. A durable power of attorney will allow a parent to step in and handle financial affairs for their adult child if he or she becomes incapacitated.

Documents for Managing Healthcare and Financial Matters for Adult Children in Indiana

When your child heads off to college, our lawyers can ensure that you are prepared with the paperwork you need to intervene for adult children who become incapacitated, ill, or injured. Webster & Garino LLC can assess your needs and prepare appropriate documents, so call us at (317) 565-1818 or contact us through email. [need to insert email]

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