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Beneficiary and Will Contest Representation Throughout Indianapolis

Whether you are a personal representative named to open probate or a prospective beneficiary contesting a will, our experienced attorneys have decades of experience navigating the probate process. We provide legal advice and/or representation to clients in formal supervised probate administration through a will or the intestate process (i.e. someone who dies without a will or trust) and unsupervised administration proceeding. We also assist clients with simplified processes for small estates through the filing of a small estate affidavit (I.C. 29-1-8-1) or summary administration.

Supervised and Unsupervised Probate Attorneys in Indiana

We represent personal representatives, beneficiaries, and other interested parties in probate matters, so contact Webster & Garino LLC about your probate-related issues at (317) 565-1818 or send us an email. [need to insert email]

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