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Although a last will and testament can be used to indicate your intentions regarding the transfer of your assets and administration of your estate when you die, a living trust allows you to avoid probate.

Some of the benefits of a living trust can include:

  • Keeping your financial information and intentions for distribution of your legacy private
  • Potential savings in probate-related expenses
  • Preventing delays in distributing your assets to your loved ones

Probate Avoidance Legal Strategies in the Indianapolis Metro Area

Trusts can include many different types of provisions, such as a spend thrift trust to provide financial protection to beneficiaries prone to irresponsible spending. If you have questions about whether you would benefit from a trust or you need a trust document drafted or revised, we invite you to contact Webster & Garino LLC at (317) 565-1818 or you can reach us by email. [need to insert email]

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