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For parents going through the divorce process, preservation of their parent-child relationship typically represents their highest priority. At Webster & Garino LLC, we understand that creating workable parenting time arrangements and effective methods of communication can facilitate amicable co-parenting relationships. Our Westfield child custody attorneys know that mutually acceptable custody arrangements typically reduce the stress of a divorce or custody dispute on our clients’ children. Despite the benefit of negotiated custody solutions, we recognize that contentious litigation might be unavoidable in certain cases. We work closely with parents to gather relevant information to persuasively advocate for our client’s position on custody based on relevant statutory factors.

Indiana Child Custody FAQ

How does an Indiana family court determine child custody?

A judge examines the best interests of the child in Indiana divorces to determine to whom custody will be granted. Indiana law recognizes numerous factors when ruling on the best interests of the child. Some of the child custody factors include: the age of the children, gender of the children, the wishes of the parents, the economic status of the parents, the education background of the parents, the physical and mental health of the parents and children, as well as whether the parties engaged in domestic violence, substance abuse, or whether one parent was given sole custody of the children based on the actions of the parents.

The court can award sole custody or joint custody. Furthermore, a judge can order physical custody to one parent and order visitation or parenting time for the other parent. Also, the judge can award joint legal custody which means both parents have a say in how the decisions that parents must make about their children’s medical treatment, schooling, and the like.

Child support orders follow after custody is resolved. A judge will order the non-custodial parent to pay child support in an amount determined by the Indiana child support guidelines. Child support is a court order, the violation of which could result in incarceration. Therefore, a non-custodial parent must closely adhere to the child support order rendered by the court.  

I want more visitation with my children, what can I do?

You can go back to court to seek revision or amendment of the initial child custody order. Typically, a court will look for a substantial change in circumstances to determine if the original order should be amended.

My ex-spouse is spending the child support I pay to him/her on other things besides the children. What can I do?

The law presumes that child support payments go to the help the children. However, you can ask the court to review your child support order if you have reason to believe that the order should be revised.

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Whether you are involved in a paternity action, a divorce, or a proceeding to modify custody orders, our attorneys take a problem-solving approach to effectively negotiate durable and mutually acceptable custody orders. When litigation becomes necessary, we offer persuasive advocacy to obtain custody orders favorable to our client. Call Webster & Garino LLC at (317) 565-1818 or contact us by email to set up your initial consultation.

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