High Net-Worth Divorce Lawyers in Westfield, Indiana

At Webster & Garino LLC, our experienced divorce lawyers understand that all divorces can involve complicated issues, but a marital dissolution involving a high net-worth marital estate presents unique challenges. We often work with experts to trace sources of income, identify undisclosed assets, determine the value of businesses and professional practices, and expose efforts to improperly hide or transfer assets. The resolution of spousal maintenance and child support issues also tend to be more difficult in divorces involving parties with substantial wealth.

High Net Worth Divorces in Indiana

A divorce is a painful experience for any couple, but high net worth divorces present their own unique challenges that must be addressed. With the assistance of an experienced Indiana divorce attorney, the divorce process goes much more smoothly.

Property Concerns

In many divorces, the couple owns a home and perhaps two vehicles. However, in a high net worth divorce, the couple may own several vacation homes, businesses, boats, investment properties, and multiple vehicles. Each of these items must be assigned a value before it may be divided. In some cases, an accountant must be hired to assist with the valuation.

Similarly, complicated tax liabilities may be possible in high net worth divorces due to the types of assets the couple acquired during their marriage. To avoid tax penalties, audits, and other action from the IRS, hiring an attorney is necessary.

Hidden Assets

In high net worth divorces, the parties may be more likely to have money in offshore accounts or in accounts that are difficult to locate. Divorce attorneys have the tools needed to identify and locate all marital assets to ensure each party receives a fair distribution of the marital estate.

Indiana High Net-Worth Divorce FAQ

How can Webster & Garino, LLC protect my assets in my Indiana high net-worth divorce?

High net-worth divorces can be some of the most contentious marital dissolution cases. High net-worth divorces in Indiana can stretch out over several years if the parties allow it to happen. Webster & Garino, LLC’s high net-worth divorce attorneys, understand how to locate hidden assets and know what to accurately value assets so that the court receives evidence of the fair value of the marital property.  

Protection of assets begins before one of the spouse’s files for divorce. Webster & Garino, LLC can draft pre-nuptial and ante-nuptial agreements that protect both parties financially if their marriage dissolves. Entering into pre-nuptial or ante-nuptial agreements does not necessarily mean that the marriage will end in divorce. Instead, it is an intelligent method of protecting one’s assets in the event that the parties can no longer remain married.

What could happen to my business in my Indiana high net-worth divorce?

All property acquired during the marriage is subject to Indiana’s laws regarding equitable division of property. Therefore, your spouse might have a right to claim that he or she is entitled to the profits of your business (they might also be subject to the debts of the business too).  There are legal means to protect your company from the divorce estate. Webster & Garino, LLC understand the complexities of asset division in a high net-worth divorce. Their Indiana high net-worth divorce attorneys will rely on their four-plus decades of experience and fight to protect what is rightly yours, including your business.

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