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Many divorcing parties have serious concerns about potential spousal maintenance (e.g. spousal support) and child support awards. Parties who might be ordered to pay spousal maintenance often fear they will not have enough post-payment income to maintain their standard of living or to start a new family. Potential recipient spouses often have concerns about their ability to cover necessities if a request for support is denied or if the award is inadequate. While the court may order spousal maintenance in Indiana, the circumstances that permit such an order are relatively limited. Further, the factors that will be considered in ordering an award, as well as the amount of the order, will depend on a variety of considerations. Because of the fact intensive nature of the inquiry, persuasive advocacy from a skilled attorney can make a substantial difference.

Both parents have a legal obligation to provide financial support for their child. The amount depends on a statutory formula under the Indiana child support guidelines. Again, effective advocacy from an attorney skilled in this area can impact the amount of child support a parent receives.

Family Financial Support Obligation Attorneys in Westfield Indiana

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