Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis

Motorcycles lack the crashworthiness of an automobile, so riders tend to suffer devastating injuries when they are involved in a collision. The peril created by this lack of protection from injury is compounded by a bike’s inherent instability, which increases the likelihood of an accident. Our lawyers at Webster & Garino LLC understand that motorcycle accident lawsuits often involve unique issues that include the following:

  • Witness bias toward motorcyclists which can lead to a distorted perception of a crash
  • Law enforcement accident reports that tend to favor drivers of passenger vehicles
  • Juror ignorance regarding the unique handling characteristics of motorcycles

Representing Injured Motorcyclists in the Greater Indianapolis Metro Area

If you have been injured in a collision while riding a motorcycle, our experienced Hamilton County motorcycle injury lawyers explore all potentially liable parties, such as the other driver, public entities for dangerous roads, and motorcycle manufacturers for defective bikes. Call us today to learn about your rights and legal options at (317) 565-1818 or send us an email. [need to insert email]

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