Premises Liability Lawyers in Westfield, Indiana

When you visit an apartment building, college campus, grocery store, or other business, you probably do not anticipate suffering injury. Unfortunately, people often suffer experience injuries when business and property owners fail to take reasonable care to remedy unsafe conditions or to warn customers, suppliers, workmen, and others of the risk. Webster & Garino LLC provides legal representation to individuals injured by a wide spectrum of hazards, such as dogs running at large, defective or poorly maintained railings or balconies, inadequate security measures, unsafe construction sites, wet or poorly maintained floors or walkways, and swimming pools lacking adequate fences or lifesaving equipment.

Hazardous Conditions at Businesses in the Indianapolis Area

Generally, when you visit a business, the owner has a legal duty to either remediate unsafe conditions or warn of non-apparent hazards. If you have suffered injury because a property owner has failed to observe these legal duties, we invite you to call us at (317) 565-1818 to discuss your legal rights.

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