Can a Felony Be Reduced to a Misdemeanor in Indiana?

After a criminal conviction, you will naturally focus on completing your sentence and then moving on with life. That criminal record, however, makes a fresh start difficult because it will always appear on background checks. A second chance law passed in Indiana in 2012 could now offer you relief if your conviction involved a Class D felony. If you meet the criteria, you could petition a court to reduce that Class D felony conviction to a Class A misdemeanor. Once you achieve this reduction, you can legally answer “no” when asked about criminal convictions. A criminal defense lawyer in Indiana can evaluate your case and explain whether you are eligible to ask for your second chance. 

misdemeanor in Indiana


 Benefits of Felony Record Reduction

 Cleaning up your criminal record expands your ability to pursue a better job, obtain an education, and qualify for loans. Professional licensing opportunities become available again, which could lead to a substantial increase in lifelong earnings. A felony-free record also means that you can probably own a handgun again. Depending on the nature of your conviction, a felony record could block your access to social services and public housing. Once it is gone, you and your family will have more options if confronted by financial hardship.


 Felony to Misdemeanor Conversion Requirements

 Before 2014 when the state changed the structure of felony classifications, Class D felonies represented offenses of low severity. To qualify for conviction reduction, your Class D felony conviction must not have involved bodily injury. You cannot have the status of a registered sex offender or a violent criminal. You cannot have any convictions for misconduct, such as perjury, or be convicted of any other felonies since completing your sentence. Pending criminal charges would disqualify you, as well. 

 As long as you meet the requirements and three years have passed since the conclusion of your sentence, then you can go forward with a petition to reduce the conviction to a Class A misdemeanor. A Carmel Indiana attorney can prepare the court filings to initiate the process. 


 Get a Fresh Start

 You should not have to live with the consequences of a mistake in your past when you have stayed out of trouble for years. Clearing away a felony conviction will let you escape the legal burdens that have been holding you back economically. A criminal defense lawyer in Indiana can explain how to regain your rights. Contact Webster & Garino today.


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