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i. Land is one of the most vital parts of a farmer’s operations. However, agricultural laws affect agricultural land use in many ways. Regardless of whether you are raising crops or using the land for livestock, agricultural law can impact how you can use the land and its resources. Sometimes, farmers need to hire lawyers when specific issues arise, such as disputes over land use contracts and agricultural real estate sales. Farmers may also benefit from hiring an attorney to understand complex matters concerning specific aspects of a property such as mineral rights, water rights, and cell tower leases and wind and solar energy leases.

ii. Additionally, farmers and farming operations are subject to particular local, state, and federal government restrictions over permissible land uses, such as local ordinances and zoning. Agricultural lawyers can help farmers understand how to utilize a 1031 exchange to defer capital gains tax, maximize value in a condemnation action and resolve property line disputes.

iii. From real estate to business law and estate planning, there are many aspects of farming and agricultural law that farmers need to be aware of. Farmers may need the assistance of a skilled agricultural lawyer to help with a 1031 exchange to delay capital gains tax, business formations to limit liability, contract disputes, equipment purchase, zoning and developing an estate plan that limits the cost of estate administration, courts costs and legal fees. Whether you have a small farm or a large national operation, Webster and Garino can assist with all your agricultural law needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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