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FREE E-BOOK - Ultimate Guide To Getting Divorced In Indiana


FREE E-BOOK - Ultimate Guide To Getting Divorced In Indiana


They have been respectful and kind. They have always available. They have been accommodating. They have made a bad situation tolerable. I would recommend this firm to anyone.

I had Jacob handle some expungement work for me and they did an excellent job. Easy to talk to, fast on getting to work, and quick responses. Also good followup. Was very pleased. Thanks!

Mr. Webster knew the best way to handle my divorce proceedings. I got the desired outcome I was hoping for. He took all my information and handled it accordingly. I was very pleased how everything was handled

Mr. Webster went above and beyond in assisting me with providing trustworthy advice! He was very efficient and timely in getting back with me and made me feel more confident in moving forward with my divorce process. I really appreciate him and his team; highly recommend them to anyone seeking a quality, trustworthy attorney!

After calling over a dozen different attorneys trying to find one that could possibly represent me in a particular case, I got in touch with Will Webster. He listened to me explain my situation (long story short, my Fiancé & I purchased a vehicle, 3 days later we had a diagnostics done & it had a blown head gasket) Will explained to me that it wouldn’t be cost efficient to hire him, he did however give me resources, and information to proceed moving forward to small claims court as well as how to file the necessary documents. All free of charge. Genuinely nice, down to earth guy.

Webster & Garino is an amazing law firm. I had the privilege of working with Shana Paula, after having worked with a few lawyers before (and interviewing many), I can easily say that she was the most laid-back, understanding, helpful, caring, and organized lawyer I have come across.  At absolute no point did I feel otherwise. Shana made my divorce seamless, and I truly believe it would have been a much more difficult situation, especially emotionally, if I had gone with any other lawyer. 1,000% recommend Shana. She is worth every penny.

The Lawyer was knowledgeable, prepared, & effective. Shana gave me solid steps to follow so my case will be satisfactorly satisfied. I deeply thank her for her honestly, care, concern, effort & above & beyond nature. She really needs to do a how to be a lawyer 101 powerpoint.

Absolutely one of the best Lawyers I have worked with. They were very knowledgeable and didn’t waste anytime getting results! I worked with Carla; from the moment I walked into the door and began our consultation I knew she was going to do everything she could to help get my issue resolved in a fast and professional manner. I please to say that in just a few days she was able to get me the results I wanted. I will definitely be recommending them to my friends and family, as well as I will keep their number for any future issues I may have. Thank you very much Carla!

If a 7 star review was an option, I would choose it. Danica is amazing, knowledgeable and most importantly easy to get ahold of. Working with her has been nothing but excellent, communication is great and results are clear. After being for 15 years in business and dealing with multiple lawyers, I can finally call her “My Attorney”. Look no further, I highly recommend her.