Accused of a crime in Indiana?

When you first learn about criminal allegations against you, shock is a normal reaction. You’ll then worry about prosecution and what penalties the state might impose on you. Your instincts might tell you to explain the truth to authorities. Unfortunately, this is not what you want to do.  Be polite and follow officer commands, but do not make any admission or statements until you speak with an experienced OWI attorney.

accused of a crime in Indiana?

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Indiana is the first thing you should do when charged with a crime. An Indiana lawyer can immediately question the evidence that led to your arrest, or that has inspired an investigation of your activities.

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If you have not been arrested yet but know that you are under suspicion, the police are likely conducting a pre-file investigation. This means that authorities are trying to uncover more evidence and obtain an arrest warrant. A criminal lawyer in Indiana acting on your behalf will insulate you from investigators’ tactics meant to make you self-incriminate. 

Additionally, your Indiana lawyer could conduct a parallel pre-file investigation for your benefit and collect evidence that points to your innocence. Supportive evidence could provide an alibi or reveal an alternative suspect. 

Evidence may come from many quarters, including:

  • Witness testimony
  • Surveillance images
  • Other photographic images
  • Employment records
  • Bank records

Taking a defensive posture during a pre-file investigation represents your best bet of avoiding criminal charges. 

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Caution When Speaking With Law Enforcement Without Legal Representation

wrongly convicted felonsAnything you say will be used against you, so you do not want to provide a statement, admission, or comment about the case.  Even if you think your explanation will exonerate you, speak with an experienced, Indiana criminal attorney before giving any statements to law enforcement.  

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