Finding an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney

The thought of hiring an estate planning attorney is an unnerving one for many—after all, speaking with an estate planning attorney means that one is thinking about his own death. However, without having your wishes documented, your loved ones may enter into a heated legal battle after your passing. Since life is unpredictable, it is never too early to speak with an experienced estate planning attorney.

Taking Care of Your Children

If you have children, you may have a friend or family member in mind who would take care of them if you pass away. However, to ensure this transition goes smoothly after your death, you should designate this guardian in your will. When children are left without a guardian, surviving family members may fight over custody.

estate servicesHandling Your Property

Businesses, homes, retirement accounts, and other types of property must all be distributed when someone passes away. If you are a business owner, what happens to your share of the business should be addressed. If you own a home, you should designate who receives it in your plan. Having your wishes clearly laid out helps your family tremendously.

Medical Decisions

Estate planning matters do not only involve death. For example, you may create a living will that lays out your wishes in the event that you are unable to make medical decisions for yourself. Tragedies such as car accidents may change a life in a split second—therefore, it is important for your loved ones to know your preferences.

At Webster & Garino LLC, Our Estate Planning Attorneys Are Ready to Serve You

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