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Your children are the most important people in your life. At Webster & Garino LLC, we understand your desire to protect and provide for them and are eager to help you navigate the child support process in, or outside, of your divorce.

Our child support lawyers work hard to ensure both parents fulfill their legal responsibility to provide adequate financial support for their child. Since 2017, we’ve been the top family law firm in Westfield, Indiana, and the surrounding areas of Hamilton County. We want to do more than achieve amicable outcomes in court – we want to better our clients’ lives through our work.

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Understanding Child Support in Indiana

As with most family law disputes, child support issues can encompass deeply personal family matters, leading to concerns from all parties involved.

Child support calculations are generally based on four main numbers: the parties’ income, who pays health insurance for the child and how much is it on a weekly basis, daycare expenses related to work only (how much is it and who pays it on a weekly basis) and finally the number of overnight parenting time nights each party has per year.

Once these numbers can be verified, they are submitted through the Indiana State Child Support Calculator, and a number is provided for weekly child support payments. There are a number of ways a skilled divorce attorney can help you effectively argue for the proper amount of child support.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in child support matters and are here to help. Call us today to take advantage of our comprehensive child support services designed to achieve amicable resolutions for local Indiana families.

Pre-Divorce Child Support

When the general public thinks of child support, they frame it in the context of divorce. However, the idea that divorce and child support are directly linked is one of the most common family law misconceptions. In Indiana, you are bound by law to support your child whether you are single, married, separated, or divorced.

According to the Indiana Child Support Guidelines, child support can be applied in a variety of scenarios, including the following common examples.

  • Dissolutions of Marriage
  • Legal Separations
  • Paternity Actions
  • Juvenile Proceedings
  • Title IV-D Proceedings

Pre-divorce child support is applicable when a married couple separates, but has yet to file for divorce. No matter the reasoning behind this scenario, either party can legally petition for child support and receive a support order. While your marital status does not affect child support proceedings, you and your fellow parent will need to have clear and established child custody and visitation rights in order for the court to assess who will pay child support and how much.

Hiring a professional family law attorney is critical to ensuring your and your children’s needs are met throughout every process, including instances where child support modification is required after a separated couple files for divorce.

Whether you’re in the process of divorce, are seeking pre-divorce child support, or require support as a single custodial parent, our child support lawyers at Webster & Garino LLC will work tirelessly to resolve your family law disputes in the most amicable way possible.

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If you have concerns about child support, our attorneys at Webster & Garino LLC provide legal advice and representation in family law cases like divorce, paternity, and more.

We understand that no child support case is the same, so our family law practice focuses on tailoring our proficient legal strategies to your unique needs. Our wide range of practice areas has provided our compassionate team with the knowledge and experience necessary to carry out effective solutions for every legal issue facing your family.

Since 2017, we’ve earned the reputation of the best lawyers in family law across Westfield, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville, and Fishers, Indiana, because of our commitment to client experience. We understand that any type of family law dispute is mentally, emotionally, and financially taxing. That’s why we’ve dedicated countless hours to providing a new level of service.

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