Family Law Mediation in Westfield

All family law disputes, even the most amicable divorce process, can be emotionally taxing for all parties involved. Settling private matters and financial decisions in court can add additional and sometimes unnecessary stress to this already delicate process. Spare yourself and your family from a lengthy, complex court process by taking advantage of Webster & Garino LLC’s professional family law mediation services.

A mediation attorney from our knowledgeable team can help each party in your divorce communicate their wants and needs in a private, confidential setting, and help facilitate conversations that result in beneficial resolutions for all. Since 2017, we’ve been proudly serving Hamilton County, Indiana, with compassionate family law services.

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What is Mediation?

Mediation represents one form of alternative dispute resolution that allows participants to resolve their disputes outside of court. An impartial and neutral third party, known as a mediator, guides the discussion between parties.

Mediation often helps divorcing spouses express their positions in a controlled environment that could foster productive negotiations. The mediation process might support the development of the whole divorce settlement or just parts of it. For example, parents asserting their rights to child custody in Indiana might develop a child custody agreement with the aid of a mediator without giving up the option of litigating other elements of their divorce, such as property division.

Mediation is particularly useful because the parties can agree to solutions that the court may not have the specific option of ordering.

A solution proposed within mediation by your lawyers or the mediator might get you past emotional roadblocks that have made it difficult to discuss the details of a parenting plan with a former partner. The mediator might look at both of your work schedules and offer workable ideas about custody and visitation.

Mediation can be done with or without the parties being represented by an individual lawyer. Some counties in Indiana require mediation to be completed before you can schedule or have a final hearing before a judge to complete your divorce.

Our Divorce Mediation Services

When you work with Webster & Garino LLC, you’ll sit down with a family law specialist with years of experience in divorce-related issues. Our highly educated mediators strive to help the parties reach common ground and come to a settlement that prevents time-consuming and more costly litigation.

If you already have a dedicated divorce attorney to represent you, whether they’re a Webster & Garino LLC litigator or not, they will attend mediation sessions with you and provide you with legal advice as you consider options and make decisions. Our attorneys have collectively mediated more than 1,000 mediations. We ensure productive solutions for divorce mediation issues.

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Why Work With Our Professional Mediators

Webster & Garino LLC’s solution for divorce mediation issues helps divorcing parties overcome common family law disputes without spending unnecessary time in court. Divorce is a highly personal process that requires an approach tailored to each marriage’s individual needs. While family law proceedings in court must follow state standards, mediation allows for far greater flexibility so you can address the issues unique to your family.

On average, professional mediation is often a more affordable option for clients looking to settle family law disputes such as asset division in an alternative setting to court. Overall, the greatest benefit of mediation lies in the mediators themselves. Hiring one of our professional mediators means bringing a compassionate, highly skilled partner to the table to help resolve the issues for all involved parties. Unbiased and armed with a repertoire of legal expertise, an Indiana family law attorney from Webster & Garino LLC can effectively mediate to take conversations beyond the surface emotions to solve underlying issues and facilitate satisfactory resolutions.

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At Webster & Garino LLC, our family law mediators have extensive knowledge of the divorce process. Our sole focus is helping the parties come to an agreement. That’s why we foster family mediation environments that encourage our clients to feel comfortable to help reach their desired outcome.

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