Uber & Lyft Car Accident Q&A

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The emergence of rideshare companies, namely Uber and Lyft, has added a new wrinkle to car accident personal injury cases. The common issues of fault and liability applicable to motor vehicle accidents often become more complicated in an Uber car accident. In addition to the concerns that injured rideshare passengers may have, rideshare drivers sometimes need to know how Uber laws Indiana will affect them after something goes wrong on the road. Victims of rideshare accidents often turn to an Indiana lawyer for answers to their questions about Uber and Lyft accidents. 

Do Uber and Lyft have insurance for passengers’ injuries?

Yes. Both Uber and Lyft provide up to $1 million in coverage for passengers injured during a ride. However, a rideshare company’s policy will very likely not represent your first source of compensation. Primary coverage for your accident will come from either the rideshare driver’s personal auto policy (presuming that the person bought the extra rideshare rider for the personal policy) or the auto policy of the driver who caused the accident. A rideshare accident caused by an uninsured/underinsured driver could also activate the $1 million rideshare company policy. In any of these scenarios, the assistance of a car accident personal injury lawyer may be crucial to collecting an adequate settlement. 

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Whose insurance pays my damages when the Uber driver is at fault?

The person driving you must carry auto insurance. As the injured party, you have a right to make a claim upon the driver’s policy. You will have to go through the typical steps of proving fault and showing documentation for your losses, like medical bills and lost income. Policy limits are a problem to watch out for. They could be insufficient when you experience serious injuries and high expenses. Minimum auto policy coverage in Indiana is only $25,000 per person or $50,000 per accident for bodily injury. The same minimums apply to uninsured or underinsured coverage. When insurance coverage falls short, you could pursue additional compensation from Uber or Lyft. A lawyer knowledgeable about Uber personal injury could answer specific questions about your case. 

Whose insurance pays for my injuries when another driver is at fault?

An accident caused by another driver makes that person’s auto insurance coverage available to you. As a rideshare passenger, you should collect insurance information from all drivers involved because you may not know at the time who will be found to be at fault. If you were working as the rideshare driver, you would ask for the other driver’s insurance to pursue an accident claim. 

What happens if my Uber ride is hit by an uninsured driver?

 Because 15.8% of Indiana drivers are uninsured as of 2019, you could easily be the victim of an uninsured driver. The uninsured driver coverage of the rideshare driver and the rideshare company may then be sources of compensation for you. Dealing with multiple insurance companies will add to your burdens when coping with injuries. As a result, you may desire the servpersonal injury lawyer indianaices of a personal injury lawyer in Indiana to handle paperwork and settlement negotiations. 

Can an Uber driver collect an accident settlement if there was no passenger?

A car accident lawyer may advise injured rideshare drivers as well as passengers. An Uber or Lyft driver sometimes gets into a wreck while logged into the app but before picking up passengers. This distinction is crucial for insurance purposes. During the stage when a rideshare driver is logged in and seeking ride requests or actively traveling to pick up a passenger, Uber’s insurance drops significantly to $50,000 per person for bodily injury or $100,000 per accident. The driver’s auto policy may be applicable as well. 

Do Uber drivers’ vehicles have to meet specific requirements?

To promote safety and a comfortable experience for passengers, Uber imposes certain requirements for Indiana drivers. The vehicle must:

  • Have four doors
  • Be no older than 15 years
  • Be free of cosmetic damage
  • Be in good running condition
  • Not have any commercial branding

Rideshare accident cases can at times arise due to a driver using an unsafe vehicle. An Indiana lawyer could investigate issues such as defective auto parts, negligent lack of maintenance, or poor workmanship by an auto repair shop to see if additional parties may bear responsibility for your financial damages. 

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What does it mean that the Uber or Lyft driver is an independent contractor?

Uber and Lyft are Transportation Network Companies, which means that they operate a digital platform that connects passengers to drivers for a fee. The rideshare companies do not employ their drivers, legally designated as independent contractors who have entered into an agreement to provide services to customers using the platform. 

 The independent contractor relationship differs from a commercial driver directly employed by a company. A company employee who gets into an accident could create liability for the employer. However, since Uber and Lyft are not employers, their insurance only becomes applicable when the injured parties have exhausted all other sources of insurance. 

How does a pedestrian or bicyclist collect damages after being hit by a rideshare driver?

Initially, the injured bicyclist or pedestrian can make a claim against the driver’s auto policy. The Uber coverage of up to $1 million may also be available if the Uber driver was transporting a passenger. 

Talk to a Lawyer After an Uber Car Accident

Almost any car accident that causes injury warrants a consultation with a personal injury lawyer Indiana. Your best interests rely on making a well-documented insurance claim and avoiding the pitfalls that insurance adjusters use to reduce settlements for injury victims. A serious rideshare accident may produce substantial damages, but accessing the extra coverage from Uber or Lyft can be an uphill battle. These companies want to keep all liabilities in the hands of other parties. Webster & Garino LLC will work hard to unlock every dollar that you have a right to receive. For experienced legal support after a rideshare accident, call 317-565-1818 or message our office today.

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