Criminal Defense Lawyer In Indiana

criminal defense lawyer

An arrest is an alarming event that can leave you wondering what to do next. Even if the charges seem minor, like a misdemeanor, the consequences of a conviction could influence educational and employment opportunities as well as child custody. The representation of a criminal defense lawyer Indiana from Webster & Garino could mitigate the negative consequences of criminal charges. A favorable plea deal, acquittal, or case dismissal could result from the efforts of one of our knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers. 

Understand the Situation

 Entering the criminal justice system exposes you to unfamiliar terms and procedures. Legal guidance will help you prepare for each court appearance. A Carmel Indiana lawyer could explain the nuances of your criminal charges and their associated penalties. This information is critical to know when you need to enter a plea.

Form a Defense

 A case evaluation conducted by your lawyer could reveal opportunities to challenge the allegations against you. A lawyer might convince reluctant witnesses to speak on your behalf or uncover information that casts doubt on your charges. By exposing weak evidence or inappropriate police conduct, an Indiana criminal defense lawyer could call for the dismissal or reduction of charges. 

Communicate With the Prosecutor

 A criminal defense lawyer Indiana likely possesses working relationships with local prosecutors. Defense lawyers and prosecutors work within the same courts, and they understand each other’s needs and priorities. Your lawyer could speak directly with the prosecutor and potentially work out a deal that reduces charges, limits penalties or drops the case entirely. Without an Indiana criminal  lawyer, you would have no one to advocate for your needs with the person who has significant influence over the outcome of your case. 

Protect Your Interests

 Indiana Defense lawyers strive to handle criminal cases with discretion and efficiency. Legal representation could prevent or limit jail time and spare you from job loss or family disruption. An Indiana criminal lawyer’s knowledge of criminal penalties could alert you to the most severe aspects of your case that could jeopardize your professional licensing. By focusing on the charges most likely to impact your career, a lawyer might effectively negotiate a plea deal that serves your most important goals. 

Save Money

 Money spent on legal representation could prevent costlier consequences. A conviction or jail sentence may cause you to lose your job or be expelled from school, possibly reducing your income for a significant period of time. 

Please contact Webster & Garino and speak with one of our Westfield Indiana criminal defense lawyers to discuss your case.  

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