Criminal Law Attorney in Fishers, IN

Criminal charges are serious matters and, depending on the outcome of your case, can alter every aspect of your life going forward. At Webster & Garino LLC, our experienced criminal defense attorney in Fishers, IN, will help you navigate through this difficult process and aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Don’t let your relationships, career, and even your voting status, be negatively affected by a mistake. Our attorneys have the specialized knowledge necessary to handle your criminal case. Contact Webster & Garino LLC today for more information on how we can help your criminal case in Fishers, IN.

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Comprehensive Criminal Law Strategies in Fishers, IN

At Webster & Garino LLC, our attorneys are highly skilled in the following areas of criminal law in Fishers:

OWI/DUI: Driving & Alcohol-Related Crimes

One of the most common causes of arrests in the U.S. is impaired driving due to drugs or alcohol. OWI/DUI cases in Fishers, IN, can turn one trip behind the wheel into a life-altering mistake. However, your case is heavily reliant on details such as your blood alcohol concentration, field sobriety test, number of offenses, and more.

An experienced criminal law attorney from Webster & Garino LLC can help you navigate the following types of OWI/DUI arrests:

  • OWI/DUI Involving Accident
  • OWI/DUI Involving Drugs
  • OWI/DUI Boating
  • OWI/DUI Underage
  • OWI/DUI Field Sobriety Tests
  • OWI/DUI Breath Test & Blood Draw
  • Suspended License

Drug Possession & Sale

In the state of Indiana, any materials used to produce illegal substances, as well as the substances themselves, are against the law. When you’re arrested for possession of such items, the severity of the consequences depends on the amount and type of drugs you possessed, previous offenses, and other related factors. A criminal law attorney from Webster & Garino LLC can help you fight for a fair outcome in your drug possession case in Fishers, IN.


In some cases, you may require a criminal law attorney after you’ve already been convicted and served your sentence. While it can’t roll back time, expungement seals your criminal record from public view, paving the way for a brighter future in your personal and professional life. When you need assistance pursuing expungement in Fishers, IN, call our professional team.

Sentence Modification

When you are convicted of a crime the court issues a sentence that you must carry out as a consequence of your crime. While hefty fines and prison terms can significantly impact your life, your sentence may not be final. An experienced sentence modification attorney in Fishers, IN, will determine your eligibility for modification and help you request reduced or eliminated terms.


In the court of public opinion, misdemeanors can be just as serious as felonies. They can also still have a major impact on your future. At Webster & Garino LLC, our misdemeanor lawyers in Fishers, IN, are here to help you with an aggressive defense strategy tailored to your case.

Do You Need a Local Criminal Law Attorney in Fishers, IN?

The short answer is yes. In a criminal case in Fishers, IN, the difference between a fair outcome and severe consequences comes down to the details. If you don’t have a proper defense in court or follow the proper procedures to the letter, you could be facing an unfair conviction or more serious sentencing.

Webster & Garino LLC’s criminal defense attorneys in Fishers, IN, are dedicated to your case. We believe that you deserve a life after your crime, and we will go above and beyond to ensure you have a fair day in court. We combine decades of experience with an in-depth knowledge of state standards to help you achieve a fair resolution.

Don’t walk the complex road of criminal charges alone. Give Webster & Garino LLC a call today.

What Does Special Needs Estate Planning Include?

The cornerstone of special needs estate planning is often the special needs trust. These trusts hold assets and distribute them strategically to supplement, but not replace, government benefits. This ensures the individual’s needs are met without jeopardizing their eligibility.

What Is a Special Needs Trust?

A trust serves a similar purpose to a will. It dictates the distribution of assets upon your passing. However, unlike a will, a trust offers the advantage of bypassing the probate process. Through establishing a trust, you have the flexibility to appoint a trustee who can manage assets on behalf of beneficiaries, particularly if they are minors.

In the area of special needs planning, a special needs trust (SNT), also known as a supplemental needs trust, is an important tool. Tailored specifically for beneficiaries with disabilities, such trusts are developed for individuals facing medical conditions that hinder their ability to self-sustain financially, including adult children with disabilities. For parents or caregivers of individuals with disabilities, an SNT offers a reassuring avenue to allocate assets and funds for the future well-being of their loved ones.

Types of Special Needs Trusts

Different types of special needs trusts exist, each with its own nuances. Choosing the right SNT in Bloomington, IN, depends on your specific situation.

  • Third-Party Special Needs Trust: A third-party special needs trust is established by someone other than the individual with special needs, often a parent, grandparent, sibling, or other caregiver. This person is referred to as the grantor or settlor, and contributes various assets to the trust, including monetary gifts, proceeds from life insurance, or inheritance, redirecting them to benefit the disabled individual.
  • First-Party Special Needs Trust: A first-party special needs trust is created by the disabled individual. Thanks to the federal Special Needs Trust Fairness Act enacted in December 2016, individuals with disabilities who are deemed mentally competent have the legal right to establish and benefit from such trusts. These trusts are frequently utilized by disabled individuals who come into inheritance or by previously healthy individuals who become disabled later in life due to accidents or unexpected illnesses.

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