Estate Planning in Fishers, IN

You’ve probably heard the term estate planning before. More likely, you’re familiar with the concept of establishing a will or trust. If you’re young or unmarried, you may think these important legal processes don’t concern you. However, people in a variety of circumstances benefit from estate planning. In fact, not partaking in detailed estate planning in Fishers, IN, could be the difference between losing and maintaining your desired financial legacy.

While we understand that discussing a time after your passing is uncomfortable, the estate planning attorneys at Webster & Garino LLC also understand the importance of completing these tasks at any age or stage of life. With strong, legal estate plans in place, you can ensure that your financial goals are met, even if you’re no longer around to carry them out yourself.

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A Compassionate Take on Proactive Planning in Fishers, IN

Life is precious, and unfortunately, we never know when it may come to an end. To ensure your estate is prepared, hire the experienced Fishers, IN, attorneys from Webster & Garino LLC. Our estate planning expertise extends to the following areas:

Legal Wills & Trusts

Some of the most common estate planning strategies include the development of wills and trusts. Two different types of legally binding documents, wills and trusts help you remain in charge of the division of your property and assets after your death. The directions in a will are typically carried out in the courts. However, in the case of a trust, your wishes can be kept from the public record.

Hiring a skilled legal will and trusts attorney in Fishers, IN, can help you navigate the complexities of the following legal tasks:

Probate Attorneys

Probate is the process by which an estate is distributed. It includes paying any debts as well as distributing the estate per a will if one has been properly filed. Even with preparation, this process can take long periods of time and even become a great expense to your loved ones. It can also delay the distribution of your assets. Help expedite the probate process by hiring our professional probate attorneys in Fishers, IN, or help avoid one altogether with advanced estate planning.

Power of Attorney

Estate planning can encompass more than death scenarios. Your estate can be protected with careful planning in the case of your mental or physical impairment. Preparing for the worst-case scenario will keep you protected in the long run. Call our experienced estate planning lawyers for detailed power of attorney services in Fishers, IN.

Personal Representative Service

To help facilitate the proper distribution of your estate, you will need to name a personal representative. Also known as an executor, this individual will be the administrator of your estate, so it’s important to fully understand the role. At Webster & Garino LLC, our estate planning attorneys will assist you in making an informed decision about your personal representative in Fishers, IN.

Why Do You Need an Estate Planning Lawyer in Fishers, IN?

The State of Indiana has several pieces of legislation dedicated to the management and distribution of estates.

While effective, these standards are one-size-fits-all and don’t take into account your personal circumstances. For instance, many people have non-relatives to whom they wish to leave money and assets, whereas the State only considers blood relatives in its laws.

Webster & Garino LLC’s estate planning attorneys in Fishers, IN, will work hard to ensure your financial legacy is protected after your death. We break the mold with personalized solutions that prioritize your desires and the well-being of your loved ones.

Give us a call today and gain peace of mind that your finances are prepared for the unexpected.

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In Fishers, Indiana, and the surrounding areas, our clients choose Webster & Garino LLC for estate planning guidance and legal services they can trust. Our team is compassionate and friendly, working on your terms to develop strategies that will ensure your wishes are carried out even when you’re not there to voice them. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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