Fishers, IN Family Law Attorneys

As a locally owned business, Webster & Garino LLC understands the importance of your family. We’re all too aware of the stressful negative personal and financial impact family law disputes can have on your family in Fishers, IN.

Our experienced family law attorneys in Fishers will guide you through all types of legal proceedings and state standards to help you move towards your legal goals. Each case is different and we will give you the attention and focus your case deserves.

Our compassionate service helps guide you through your domestic relations issues so you can focus on your family and work towards a resolution. Contact Webster & Garino LLC today to schedule your family law consultation in Fishers, IN.

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Personalized Family Law Services in Fishers, IN

Our experience provides us with a background to focus on the parts of your case that matter to your desired outcome. Our solutions extend to the following practice areas of family law:


Many assume divorce simply encompasses the end of a marriage. In reality, the process is much more complex. Divorce can take a lot longer than expected. With a dedicated divorce lawyer in Fishers, IN, by your side, you can better navigate a range of divorce proceedings, including:

  • Property Division
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Child Custody
  • Parenting Time
  • Other Ancillary Matters

Child Support

Children are often the most vulnerable parties involved in family law disputes. To help fulfill your parental responsibilities or ensure the financial security of your child, we provide legal assistance for child support in Fishers, IN. Our services include child support calculations, amendment requests, and many other child support-related matters that go beyond cookie-cutter state standards. The Indiana child support guidelines recently changed and we are informed and ready to help you navigate those changes.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

No matter your reasoning, a pre-nuptial agreement in Fishers, IN, can be highly beneficial to both parties entering a new marriage. These agreements can help address an imbalance in retirement savings as well as inheritance for children from previous relationships. Our family law attorneys will help craft a legal agreement that meets your financial needs and goals so you can start enjoying your new life together.


In Indiana, family law legislation exists to ensure the rights of both mothers and fathers are recognized. However, there are times when a father must take a more proactive approach to ensuring these rights are recognized. Our paternity attorneys in Fishers, IN, are experienced in a range of paternity disputes. We will work diligently to ensure all parents have the opportunity to fulfill their parental responsibilities.

Guardian Ad Litem Services

Emotions and stress are at an all-time high when a child is the focus of a family law dispute. It is essential that children have someone looking out for their best interests in the complexities of Indiana legal proceedings. To meet this need, Webster & Garino LLC provides Guardian Ad Litem service in Fishers, IN.

Family Law Mediation

An additional alternative to traditional courtroom proceedings, family law mediation in Fishers, IN, provides a more personalized approach to conflict resolution. As experienced family law mediators, we will meet with all parties and your legal representatives to facilitate productive conversations with the goal of a mutually agreeable resolution.

The Importance of Local Family Law Lawyers in Fishers, IN

Most family law disputes don’t play out like you see on the big screen. The bulk of your case will depend on the proper filing of intricate paperwork, taxing courtroom proceedings, and active participation and awareness on your part.

Luckily, you can have a friendly, fierce legal team on your side. Working with a local family law attorney in Fishers, IN, from Webster & Garino LLC ensures you receive personalized, detailed legal representation. We make your goals our top priority and won’t rest until we’ve tackled an issue from every possible angle.

Whether you’re juggling a busy schedule or lack certain legal knowledge on matters related to your case, we will take on the bulk of the tedious tasks and keep you informed throughout the complex proceedings of your case.

Reach out to Webster & Garino LLC today to experience the benefits of hiring a professional lawyer in Fishers, IN.

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With more than 50 years of combined experience under our belts, the family law attorneys at Webster & Garino LLC are eager to help resolve your family law dispute in Fishers. We believe that pursuing legal action for your family shouldn’t derail your life, and we can help keep your case on track. Contact us today for a consultation.

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